Toshiba Portege 3010 & 3020
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In 1999, four re-styled Toshiba models were released - including a mint-green version of the Portege 3020. The project was known as 'Le Tosh'.

These sites feature Portege-related information, including Toshiba's tiny Libretto notebook.

Adorable Toshiba Libretto
Dan's Libretto Page

Toshiba labels the Portégé series in Japan as the 'Dynabook' series. An interesting interview (PDF here) with Alan Kay dicusses his vision of a deviced called a 'Dynabook', "a portable interactive personal computer, as accessible as a book", and allows us to gain an insight into the inspiration of the Toshiba designers.

Tracing the Dynabook (PDF here) provides an in-depth look at the Dynabook vision. Here are some more sites about Alan Kay and the Dynabook:

From Wagner to Virtual Reality
The Dynabook at 10

The following sites have general support information for the 3010, as well as useful downloads and user guides:

Dynabook and Toshiba Support
r/Toshiba on Reddit