Toshiba Portege 3010 & 3020

Before installing a new operating system (or reinstalling the current one), ensure the BIOS is up-to-date. At least version 8.0 is needed for Windows 2000+ - the latest version for the 3010 and 3020 is 8.1. The drivers for the 3010/3015/3020/3025 are interoperable.

It's best to only install drivers as necessary.


3010 BIOS version 8.1 (EXE, 276 KB)
3020 BIOS version 8.1 (ZIP, 172 KB)

Windows 98 & 98 SE

Toshiba InfraRed Port (Type-O) Driver 1.41 (ZIP, 519 KB)
Yamaha OPL3-SAx Sound Driver 4.05.2338MJR (ZIP, 1,363 KB)
NeoMagic Display Driver (ZIP, 268 KB)
Toshiba IDE Driver 3.07 (ZIP, 14 KB)
Toshiba Utilities W982510USB2 (ZIP, 1,311 KB)
Advanced Power Management System (ZIP, 7.1 MB)
Toshiba Hibernation Utility (EXE, 23 KB)

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 already includes the drivers for the display, sound card and infrared. If the display is only showing 640 x 480, change the settings in the Display Properties Control Panel.

Toshiba Power Extensions 1.00.01 (EXE, 1,322 KB)
Toshiba Display Power Save Driver 1.1.0 (EXE, 1,378 KB)
Toshiba Windows 2000 Utilities 1.02.03-RC3 (EXE, 1,540 KB)
Toshiba Windows 2000 Common Modules for ACPI Support 1.00.04 (EXE, 1,042 KB)

Windows XP

Windows XP already includes drivers for the notebook. If something does not function as expected, try installing the Windows 2000 driver for that device.

User's Manual

This manual needs to be installed - run "setup.exe" in the "English/Disk 1" folder after extracting the ZIP archive.

Portege 3010/3020 User's Manual (ZIP, 2.33 MB)

Other Downloads

Further downloads and technical support for the whole Toshiba portable range can be obtained from the Dynabook and Toshiba Support site.

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